Cliff Law (CARIM Leader)

Job title and place of work

Principal Scientist-Marine Biogeochemistry, NIWA.

What is your role in the CARIM project? What work package are you contributing to?

CARIM project Leader & Leader RA3.

What do you do on an average work day?

Identify research questions and cunning ways to get them funded.

Why is studying coastal acidification important?

It's where we interact with the ocean; consequently it's where we benefit & harm the most.

What study did you do at high school? And after high school?

Zoology, Chemistry & Statistics at A Level, followed by Marine Biology degree, M.Sc in Water Management & PhD in marine microbial processes.

What outcomes from CARIM do you think there will be?

Changes in the way that people value & manage land-ocean interaction.

What excites you about working on this project?

Interaction between different disciplines, & making a difference.